Key Board In Mobile Phone

Generally the key pad of the mobile phone is very small. This small Key pad hold all of the fonts. We use this small key pads for make a call and write the sms. But those who send the sms very frequently this small key pad is very irritating for them. Because the can not type quickly in this small key pad.

But this days are numbered for the mobile phone small key pad. The future key pad of the mobile phone will be TOUCHSCREEN and QWERTY. The use of wireless internet in mobile phone is mainly responsible for changing the mobile phone key pad. In the previous year(2008) the mobile user's of USA send one lakh crore sms. This number is three times than the year 2007 . But in this time the voice call was incerased only five percent(5%).

So the users are willing to send sms instead of call using the mobie phone. For this reason the keypad of the mobile phone is changing. The mobile set sell in the last three month of the year 2008 in USA, 31% of those sets have the whole font key pads. But two months before this time the sell of this kinds of mobile phone was only 5%.

In recently in LAS VEGAS a mobile show wad held. In this show many thpes of mobile phone with tuch screen and whole font was shown. The mobile company AT&T in USA bring six types of mobile phon ein the market. In this phone theke are key pads like the personal computer and touch screen. This thpes of mobile phone will be very popular in the coming days.

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