Make Free Calls to any phone

If you have been looking for a totally free service which allows calling local and international phone via internet... well then i am sure that your seach ends here. is a newly launced website which is under beta testing, this site provides a free service by which you can call any international number via your computer. Also the sound quality is excellent

How it works ? Its very simple... you register at this site via a valid email address, then log in, It then takes you to a webpage with a flash phone dialer (refer the image alongside).. Dial in the number you want to call and connect the call and talk, its really as simple as that. Any Catch ?? Well as of now when the site is under beta testing, it allows you to make maximum 3 calls a day with 3mins maximum (each call). Hope to see them increase this in the future. I would highly recommend you to check this site and its service. Here is the link

And moreover You don't need to install anything. All that is necessary for calls - headset and sufficient bandwidth of your internet connection. Never before the IP-telephony was such simple and accessable.

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